Arne Platzbecker

Solicitor, Partner, Hamburg Office

Solicitor Platzbecker’s main focus lies on the drawing up and negotiation of contracts as well as the legal protection of interests in media and civil law issues. Furthermore he is a TÜV certified data protection officer and deals with problems of modern data protection on a daily basis. Mr Platzbecker’s clients include companies from the online, TV and computer games industries as well as a famous Hamburg football club, all of which he advises in the implementation of data protection provisions. Further foci lie on trademark consultancy and insolvency advice.

Fields of expertise:
Data protection (data protection officer)
Copyright law and media law
Trademark law

Languages: English, Spanish, Russian

Memberships: Round Table 84, FC St Pauli, Sachsenclub Hamburg e.V., MenscHHamburg e.V., SPD, Sankt Pauli Museum e.V.

Telephone: +49(0)40 – 18189800