Administrative Law

We will provide you with competent counselling and representation in issues of administrative law. Whether dealing with notifications of charges, planning permission or public calls for tender: you are often directly affected by government action – we will check the legality of sovereign measures in opposition proceedings and lawsuits for you or your company. Statutes and regulations can often turn out to be legally defective or void and can be used to your disadvantage. We will help enforce your rights.

Our office has successfully accompanied major proceedings in the field of public planning law in the past. Please make use of our experience and expertise in this field.
We will also accompany you in issues of public services law: whether dealing with the justifying or ending of a position in the public service, or an employment relationship, relocation, promotion, or individual disciplinary cases: you are in good hands with us.

Furthermore, we will support you in issues of social law: is an authority or insurer refusing you benefits, or do terms and conditions seem disproportionate? We will fight for your right to insurance benefits or basic provision.