Copyright Law and Media Law

Be it record labels, music publishers or musicians, be it film productions or book authors, be it online services or web designers, be it software producers of programmers: enterprises and creative minds involved in the creation of legally protected content and those wishing to commercially exploit said content inevitably face the same challenge. They must all gain clarity as to the rights created and the rights required for commercial exploitation.

We create clarity.

The most prominent questions include: Which rights am I entitled to on account of my participation in a project? Which rights must I acquire from third parties to allow for commercial exploitation? Who do I turn to, and do collecting societies (such as GEMA) play a part? How much are rights worth, how much can I demand or must I pay? How do I securely license and acquire rights?

We provide answers to these questions.

We offer advice in the licensing and further exploitation of your works and content as well as in the drawing up of suitable contracts. We are also happy to accompany you in the founding of your own media enterprise. We will stand beside you as a partner in times of fast-paced changes in media and technology and the corresponding changes in previously existing industry practices.