Criminal Law and Victim Protection

Naturally, our office will also help you with any criminal law issues. We will represent you in preliminary proceedings by police or public prosecution, in summary trials, both at first instance and in appeal procedures (appeal on a previously issued verdict). Contact us as soon as possible and do not issue any premature statements to law enforcement authorities without prior consultation with our experienced solicitors. Even if it may be advisable in individual cases, you are neither obligated to explain matters nor to answer a summons by the police. In any case, please contact us first, so that we can work out the optimal modus operandi in order to limit damages.

If you have fallen victim to a crime, we will represent you in civil action or a so-called adhesive procedure. We thus improve your legal position within the proceedings, fight for your damages and help assert your interests.

Solicitor Prahl, head of our criminal law department, has been working as a criminal defence lawyer and joint plaintiff throughout Germany for many years, and is also a lecturer and teacher of criminal law and criminal procedural law.