IP- and Competition law

A trademark has always been more than the product it labels. Reputation is the foundation on which an enterprise and entrepreneurs stand. The significance of immaterial goods is constantly growing in the information society. It is a prerequisite for the success of any enterprise that it recognise its immaterial goods and nurture, protect, defend and make use of them. Only then will it be in a position to conquer the market and stand its ground.

Over the years, our office has been helping countless clients with the protection of their industrial property rights. We offer advice in the development of marketing strategies and in the field of trademark rights, we have our clients’ trademarks registered nationally and internationally, we monitor them and defend them against third party attacks. We protect our clients’ rights in the case of trademark infringements, copyright infringements, infringements of competition laws, and we defend our clients against unlawful notices by third parties. Timing often plays an important part in the protection of industrial property rights. This is something our office is well adjusted to and if need be we will work in teams that are fast, efficient and available around the clock.

Our solicitors work in all areas of IP law and the protection of industrial property rights, including copyright, antitrust laws, design patents, trademark searches, utility patents, licence contracts, and any issues pertaining to competition law and unfair competition.